Prayer Turns Depression into Delight[a]

For the Pure and Shining One

A Psalm of David


13 I’m hurting, Lord—will you forget me forever?[b]
    How much longer, Lord?
    Will you look the other way when I’m in need?[c]
How much longer must I cling to this constant grief?
    I’ve endured this shaking of my soul.
    So how much longer will my enemy have the upper hand?


Take a good look at me, Yahweh, my God, and answer me!
    Breathe your life into my spirit.
    Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darkness
    or I will sleep the sleep of death.
Don’t let my enemy proclaim, “I’ve prevailed over him.”
    For all my adversaries will celebrate when I fall.
I have always trusted in your kindness, so answer me.
    I will spin in a circle of joy
    when your salvation[d] lifts me up.
I will sing my song of joy to you, Yahweh,
    for in all of this you have strengthened my soul.
    My enemies say that I have no Savior,
    but I know that I have one in you!


  1. 13 Some believe David composed this psalm shortly after being anointed to be the king of Israel. David knew greatness was his destiny, but he struggled with the persecution and challenges that came before his exaltation. In the wilderness David trusted and prayed his way out.
  2. 13:1 This is the psalm that describes the journey from self to God, from despair to delight, from feeling abandoned to feeling affirmed. It begins with pain and ends with praise. Moaning gives way to music. We each can take comfort in what David experienced.
  3. 13:1 David felt as though God was hiding his face from his cries. David was left alone to wrestle with his doubts, feeling as though his patience could hold on no longer. Have you ever been there?
  4. 13:5 The term for “salvation” is yeshu’sh, which is nearly identical to “Jesus, our Salvation.” Our Savior plans blessings and hope for each of us as we trust in him.