Author Q and A

Q. Do I have to be published to be considered an author?
A. No. If you created an original article, poem, story, or other written work, you are an author.

Q. How do I show appreciation to my favorite author?
A. First, read the author’s books. But you’re already doing that. You should also share the books with others. Other ways to support an author is by:

  • Writing a review on their author page where the book is sold.
  • Read the author’s older works.
  • Follow them on their social media pages.

Q. How are books organized in a library?
A. Most libraries use either the Library of Congress Classification System or the Dewey Decimal System. Books are first classified by topic and subtopics or genre. Librarians then shelve the books in alphabetical order by title or author’s last name.

Q. What’s the difference between an inscribed copy of a book and a signed copy?
A. An inscribed copy includes a short message to someone along with the author’s signature. A book with an author’s signature is simply signed. However, there are different ways a book may be signed and different types of inscriptions, too.